Beth Bolgla
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Announcing Artists: Beth Bolgla
at CSA+D Brooklyn

Beth Bolgla is a maker of kitchen pots who is always interested in the functionality of her work. As a visual person, she is equally concerned with the presence of her work. Her hope is that these vessels provide their function and also give rise to thought…maybe even story. Their shape references and singularity of color give the user or viewer the opportunity to participate and imagine.

Brooklyn Makers - Beth Bogla
Handmade Ceramics by Beth Bolgla
at Brooklyn Makers

As much as I don't like winter, I do love a cup of hot coffee in the morning. I recently kicked it up a notch with this gorgeous mug by Beth Bolgla:

The coaster looks like a makeshift pedestal where the happy little mug stands proudly. I met Beth Bolgla during the GO Brooklyn weekend and I loved her work – she is a delightful person and didn't mind me snooping around. We ended up talking for a while at her Park Slope studio, which she opens to the public several times a year.

Since receiving her Master's in Fine Arts from Georgia State University in 1978, Beth's work has touched ceramics, painting, drawing… lots of stories to tell, including a stint in the Middle East working with women artists. A veteran of the New York art scene, she recently relocated her studio from Manhattan to Brooklyn, and she couldn't be happier. Beth talked to us about her career, her inspiration, Brooklyn, and even one of her other passions – pie.