Beth Bolgla
Beth Bolgla We understand things by means of what we do. That is to say, without doing something we tend to be blind to everything, but the moment we do something that action opens our vision to the things in the past and the things in the future. By doing, I mean making something or creating something, or devoting ourselves to something. That act enables us to see other things.
John Cage

I find the ‘doing’ idea works over and over again in relation to anything from making pots and drawings and paintings to making gardens, baking bread, raising kids, and writing.

So much of making art for me is about creating a rhythm where every so often some neat ideas can attempt to become realized. The older I get, the more complex my life gets. My days are filled with many more unexpected situations with family, friends, and the world in general. Hence, that rhythm is interrupted, and those are the times when my creative abilities are truly tested. My optimism tells me that this complexity should actually enhance the outcome. I like to think that my work is becoming richer and more vibrant as it becomes filled with more of my life experience.

As for the intimate feelings I might have about the work itself or what I am striving for as I am making work …well I tend not to like to write about that. I do, of course, have too many thoughts about what I think really good art is, and I have way too many ideas about what I think I want my work to look like… but in the end I am pragmatic in my approach to my work. Any thing else feels forced and self conscious…and so I come full circle…back to John Cage…and his brilliant quote about ‘doing’.