Beth Bolgla

Artist Feature Exhibition
Charlie Cummings Gallery, December 1, 2021
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Another year of making has almost come and gone…and as I continue to fire my pots with wood, the physical as well as aesthetic logistics of this process produces a kind of chaos that takes a giant leap of faith. I find myself more and more a citizen of the world rather than of any one particular spot, and my work tends in this way as well. As I’ve been asked to write a statement about my work…what I can think to say is this …I always throw pots with a mirror. The shape as it appears in the mirror should conform to a strong, pleasing in some way to me, silhouette. This year I believe I thought about that a lot, even as I continued to chase down glazes and surfaces that enhanced my idea of “good” form. I feel good about this body of work I am presenting, but also quite restless. These pots are simply 50 objects snatched out of a continuum of commitment. I am very grateful to Charlie Cummings Gallery for giving me the opportunity to take some time to reflect and pull my head up out of the process.